The BaleDoneen Method

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the world. Heart attacks and strokes are prevalent, affecting 1.5 million Americans. Although these are microvascular diseases, they can contribute to other diseases such as dementia, type 2 diabetes, and kidney disease. Specialists exist to care for specific body parts (cardiology, neurology, etc.) but are trained to react to these events, not to ensure the arteries are free from disease and inflammation.

The BaleDoneen Method is a medically proven, science-based methodology specializing in arteriology. The method’s approach is to care for the 30,000 miles of arteries in our bodies to prevent or reverse conditions related to arterial health. Peer-reviewed studies have shown that this method can halt, stabilize or reverse cardiovascular disease, helping patients avoid heart attacks and strokes, even if they’ve experienced one or more of these events. 

The goal of the BaleDoneen Method is to extinguish inflammation in the arteries with evidence-based, individually customized treatment. Plaque is like the kindling- inflammation sparks the fire that causes plaques to rupture and cause a heart attack or stroke. The cause of this arterial fire must be identified and treated. Unless the provider addresses the root cause, the disease can linger and cause another event. 

The method begins with education for both providers and their patients. Understanding the causes behind heart attacks and strokes empowers the patient to make healthier choices to prevent future events. Advanced laboratory and imaging tests, including genetic testing, are taken alongside an individualized assessment to check patients for hidden plaque in the arteries and to gauge their risk for cardiovascular disease. Treatment decisions are based on both the disease and the patient. Individualized goals are set for each patient to optimize their health within their unique genetic makeup, not because of averaged results from nationwide studies.