By Adrian Sparrow
NeuLine Health

These days, it’s hard to find time to work out during the week, let alone every day. Jobs, families, chores, and responsibilities fill up our waking hours. When the workday is over, the couch looks oh so inviting. It was easier to exercise when freeze tag and after-school soccer filled our playtime. For adults who want to exercise more but can’t find the time, not all is lost! Here are some simple ways to move your body every day.

1. Workout at Work
Some easy ways to get moving during the workday include taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking farther away from the building, and getting up regularly to stretch and take short walks. Consider using the washroom furthest from your desk to maximize your step count. If you use public transportation, get off a stop or two early and walk the rest of the way.

2. Chores
Whether sweeping, cooking, or scrubbing dishes, your home is full of workout possibilities. Trade the electric mixer for a spoon, and the dishwasher for a sponge, to give your arm muscles some extra toning. Being mindful of your movement can make a big difference, so consider chores as a free workout and use every opportunity to twist and turn. Ask yourself, “How am I standing?” to assess your posture and prevent stiffness.

3. Walk the Dog
Start the day with your four-legged friend and take a jog together. Spend some time at the dog park with a ball or frisbee, or offer to take your neighbor’s dog out for a canine playdate. You can also volunteer at an animal shelter and get some exercise while caring for dogs in need!

4. Shop Smart
Like the workplace, try parking far away from the store, or walk there if you can—walk through every aisle, and swap the wheeled cart for a basket to give your arms a workout. Do a few squats when you have to pick something from the bottom shelf, and (if you’re tall enough!) offer to reach products from the top shelf if you notice somebody struggling with heights.

5. Use the Floor
Resist the temptation to lay on the couch and instead choose the floor. Squatting, kneeling, and sitting on the floor can help your spine health and hip mobility, and you’re automatically ready for several stretches and yoga poses. If the plush seating is too tempting, consider rearranging seating areas to be less immediately accessible. Alternatively, go to the extreme and trade out the sofa for floor cushions.