Avoiding Heatstroke

There are multiple heat illnesses: Heat rash, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke. Heatstroke is the most serious, which can occur if your body can’t control its internal temperature and it reaches at least 104 F. Dehydration and high temperatures can cause the body’s internal cooling system to break down.

Summer Safety Tips

When the sun is hot and school is out, everybody runs outdoors to enjoy parks, pools, and playgrounds. With friends, fresh air, and fitness, keep your fun in the sun going with these tips to be safe in the summer months. And no matter if it’s clear or cloudy, always wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn, and stay hydrated! 

Water Safety

When the sun is blazing overhead, a refreshing swim can be the cure to an otherwise scorching day. Lurking beneath the water’s surface is a tragedy that happens every day. Even worse, everybody is at risk, and even the strongest swimmers need to be safe in the water.