What To Have In An At-Home First Aid Kit

When disaster strikes, it’s important to be prepared. From earaches to earthquakes, a first aid kit comes in handy for any emergency. To be ready for anything, here’s a list of necessities to put in your home’s first aid kit.

Adding More Vegetables to Your Child’s Diet

Eating fruits and vegetables is vital for a healthy diet. Unfortunately, some kids didn’t get the message. Many children can be picky eaters, making a balanced diet even more difficult. How do you get more veggies in your child’s diet?

Benefits of Water

Sure, water is essential for life, but how important is it? How much should you drink each day, and what does it do in your body? The human body is about 60% water and needs to be continually replenished. We get thirsty when our body is running low on water. Water restores fluids lost through digestion, breathing, sweating, and waste.

Common Allergy Triggers

Allergies happen when your body reacts to a foreign substance. Your immune system creates antibodies in response to these otherwise harmless substances, and you may experience a variety of symptoms as your body attempts to neutralize the threat.

Benefits of EEG Testing

School physicals are a requirement for many children as the semester rolls in. Some schools require exams for children entering specific grades and a sports physical before participating in athletic activities. Routine physicals make sure your child is ready for school and sports and check that they are growing up healthy and safe.